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Digital forensics can be an overwhelming issue for many clients. From private individuals and small businesses to large corporate clients, DFS evaluates and addresses each client’s needs to ensure that they understand the processes involved and feel confident that they have selected a company capable of handling their concerns with expertise and discretion.

We provide individualized case consultations, a thorough assessment of the matter, and develop a cohesive strategy for our clients. In cases that require it, we provide dependable expert reports and testimony. DFS always uses protocols that are in compliance with our industry’s best practices and Department of Justice Federal Search and Seizure Guidelines.

There are several specialized areas of digital forensics. Below is a brief summary of some of DFS’s areas of expertise:

  • FORENSIC IMAGING – At the heart of digital forensics is Forensic Imaging. A forensic image is a forensically sound and complete copy of a hard drive or other digital media, generally intended for use as evidence. Copies include un-allocated space, slack space, and boot record. The creation of a true forensic hard drive image is a highly detailed process. DFS uses E-Discovery complaint protocols to ensure that any evidence obtained is admissible in court. While many companies believe that their IT personnel should be capable of rendering an image of a hard drive or other digital media, in-house, there are consequences to doing so. IT personnel may not be fully aware of the image requirements and may not obtain a true image.   Most importantly hiring a digital forensic expert will ensure chain of custody and avoid possible claims of tampering.
  • PC/MAC FORENSIC EXAMINATIONS – Many digital forensic examinations are of desktop and laptop systems. DFS uses the latest forensic software to identify, collect, preserve and analyze all forms of Electronically Stored Information (emails, digital images, documents, network log files, etc.) on the systems in questions. In addition, we collect data from Linux and Unix systems and cloud storage for examination.
  • MOBILE DEVICE EXAMINATIONS – Mobile devices have become an integral part of modern life – they are by our sides at all times and contain all of our important information, from emails and messages to calendars and photos. Some of that information can be used as evidence for investigations and is vital for piecing together a series of events. These devices have become more advanced than some desktop computer systems; therefore their data recovery needs to be just as advanced. DFS has the latest software to dissect these devices and retrieve the information for further analysis.
  • INTERNET FORENSICS – All over the world, every day, people access the World Wide Web or “the Internet”. Sometimes it is to engage in dubious activity.   DFS’s forensics team are experts at finding digital markers left behind in web browsing, email, newsgroup, synchronous chat, and peer-to-peer traffic. The team forensically preserves and examines the online material for use in complex litigation or arbitration proceedings, including contract disputes and defamation lawsuits.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA INVESTIGATIONS – Social media is an invaluable investigative tool when seeking evidence or information about individuals or companies. There are over 200 social media sites used by people all over the world, this creates a very extensive information-gather network that DFS’s forensics team scours. The information we gather is E-Discovery compliant and can be used in a number of investigations and litigation matters such as worker’s compensation cases, personal injury lawsuits, and hi-level background checks.

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