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In today’s world we have become accustomed to various forms of electronic surveillance – red light and traffic cameras, store CCTV, and countless other ways to monitor people’s activities. Many times these surveillance measures are not meant to be harmful, and can in fact be helpful in some circumstances.   DFS’s electronic surveillance and counter surveillance services are designed to provide a client with the necessary information to protect their business and, in some cases, their personal life.

In many situations, surveillance is a security precaution. By using covert cameras, DFS allows a client to monitor areas of a building or property that may typically be left vulnerable, thereby reducing the potential for unwanted access. Strategic covert camera placement is vital in order to efficiently observe a location, collect information and possibly provide evidence in an investigation.

Sometimes further electronic surveillance is necessary to monitor an individual’s activities. A client’s business can be jeopardized by a resentful employee (or former employee), an unscrupulous competitor, or even a third-party looking to take advantage of a situation, e.g., a lawsuit or financial situation.

DFS technicians use state-of-the-art equipment and methods to determine whether a client’s business and/or personal computer and mobile device systems have been accessed without authorization, potentially leaking valuable information.

In addition, computer and mobile device monitoring can also assist a client in monitoring employee activities. If an employee is mindful to the fact that their work-issued devices are subject to electronic surveillance, they are more likely to refrain from conducting non-work related activities, thereby potentially increasing productivity. Electronic surveillance can also limit potential harassment and hostile work environments and/or lawsuits by not only preventing employees from sending inappropriate and/or threatening emails and messages, but by providing potential evidence of such activity.

The other half of our surveillance team deals with counter surveillance. DFS is equally trained and capable of handling a client’s counter surveillance needs. Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) are conducted using the most current equipment and practices, in addition to conducting meticulous location inspections, e.g., corporate offices, boardrooms, executive homes, and company and private vehicles.

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