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Today, most companies use computers that are not only linked to each other within a company, but are linked to the Internet and various other networking systems. These networks are often a company’s heart and soul, next to their human employees. Without them, a company could not be as productive and efficient in our fast-paced, technology advanced society.

While as wonderful and helpful as these networks are, they are also vulnerable to internal and external attacks by predators seeking secured information or wanting to damage and destroy a company’s network, thereby potentially destroying a company’s reputation.

The basic goal of Network Forensics is to capture, record, and analyze network events in order to discover the source of security attacks or other problem incidents. Essentially, company using an Intrusion Detection System records all the information negotiating the company network and reviews it to find any unauthorized access or malicious activity.

Intrusion Detection is a vital tool that allows a company to determine where their network has security flaws and allows them to take appropriate action. In many cases today, Network Forensics and Intrusion Detection are often times a preemptive step in protecting a company’s network, one of their biggest assets.

Members of DFS’s Digital Forensics team are trained and certified in Network Forensics and Intrusion Detection. They will work with a client and their IT Department personnel to review the company’s network and develop a comprehensive and viable solution to client’s network security needs.

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